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The Race is On to automate cyber security orchestration. Why? Because remediating just 6% of your vulnerabilities can remove 72% of your business risk.



That’s what a recent RiskVision customer found after a 3-month implementation of our Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) solution on just 60k assets. Here’s what that means for our clients:

  • Vulnerabilities that matter to their business risk are now found in days not months
  • IT efficiency skyrockets as the daily onslaught of vulnerability tickets are dramatically reduced, prioritized by threat exploitability and potential impact to their business lines
  • Security operations’ credibility with IT operations improves as patch fatigue waned
  • Time and cost to remediate and other Information Security KPIs beat performance goals
  • Meaningful, real-time analytics are readily available for the board and auditor in their BI system

RiskVision is the world’s first enterprise risk intelligence platform designed to embrace the business in risk decisions to simplify and automate the complex, mission critical process of vulnerability management.

Download our solution guide now to see how we do it, and who we do it for!

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