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Business Continuity Manager

Major infrastructure outages, natural disasters, and other disruptions require a coordinated effort across disciplines. RiskVision Business Continuity Manager automates planning, analysis, testing, and response to crises in real-time.

Key Features

  • Centrally organize continuity plans by business unit and geography
  • Identify business criticality of each process and technology in scope
  • Automate business impact analysis and risk by criticality
  • Test resiliency, performance, and effectiveness of continuity plans
  • Use findings to implement and operate controls to improve resiliency
  • Create call lists of stakeholders tied to business continuity plan response
  • Action workflow on crisis actions and teams for recovery
  • Track crisis events in real-time on any device, anywhere
  • Report regularly on business resilience and recovery readiness
  • Manage regulatory audits using ISO 22301 and NIST frameworks

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