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Incident Manager

Organizations need a plan and a process to deal with incidents before they occur. RiskVision delivers an Incident Lifecycle Management Solution based on its leading IT governance, risk and compliance platform IT-GRC.

Key Features

  • Enforce rigorous incident response process, including data collection, investigation, risk assessment, remediation, approval, review, and reporting
  • Automatically route and assign incidents based on type, severity, or effected asset
  • Utilize multiple alert and escalation functions to ensure timely attention from response team and stakeholders
  • Collect incidents from security tools such as SIEM, DLP, Endpoint as well as portals, spreadsheets, and help desk
  • Automatically calculate preliminary risk and business impact for each incident based on collected data
  • Perform full risk and business impact assessments for each incident involving stakeholders and domain experts
  • Prioritize response plan and timing based on risk assessment and business impact
  • Initiate and track remediation actions with built-in ticketing system and bi-direction integration with help desk systems
  • Provide a single repository for all incident related documentation and audit trail
  • Leverage incidents as feedback mechanism to measure controls and policy effectiveness

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