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Policy Manager

Reduce the time and costs associated with policy management while improving the effectiveness of governance programs by automating manual activities, eliminating process inefficiencies, and enabling complete policy lifecycle management.

Key Features

  • Import existing policy documents written in Microsoft Word
  • Create and enforce policy standardization and normalization using policy templates
  • Manage policy exception lifecycle, include request, review, approval, and re-approval
  • Enforce initial and periodic review and approval of policies using workflow and alerts
  • Map policies documents and sections to controls to measure policy compliance
  • Measure policy effectiveness using incident data, audit findings, and control test results
  • Collaborate on policy authoring with rich editing UI, version control, and version comparison tool
  • Manage policy training, awareness, and attestation campaigns across the enterprise
  • Target policy distribution and attestation based on employee attributes, including data from enterprise directories
  • Integrate with corporate portals, Microsoft Sharepoint, document management systems

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