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According to a recent survey released by the Ponemon Institute, 70 percent of respondents believe that third party risk in their organization is increasing significantly. The report also highlighted that in the past 12 months, organizations spent an average of approximately $10 million to respond to security incidents as a result of negligent or malicious third parties. Further, organizations must now consider the suppliers and partners of their vendors, creating an “Nth Party” risk management problem of much larger magnitude.

The Challenge:

The threat of breaches, information security, public scrutiny, and regulatory fines have put Vendor Risk Management at the highest priority.  Without proper oversight, and a tool to systemically capture, assess, and mitigate third-party risks, your company is exposed.

Executives are continually evaluating corporate risk and compliance activities that are imperative with corporate governance and strategic business objectives.  The challenge is how to give executives, auditors and managers a comprehensive view of the enterprise’s risk and compliance posture.

With data breaches at some of the most sophisticated organization (ie Adobe, Target, Sony), security strategies are common board level discussion.  The threat is at the weakest links, and are continually evolving as targeted attacks against an organization’s 3rd Party entities to gain “backdoor” access to your critical assets-systems.  These risks are being compounded by the sheer volume of threats, and complexity of these outsourcing arrangements.  Now add the increasing demand from regulatory compliance and the stringent guidelines on how an organization must manage third-party suppliers by requiring risk assessments of all vendors; and not just the critical ones.

The Solution:

Join RiskVision and Accunet, a Red River Company as we discuss key-disciplines in managing 3rd Party Risk Management and Vendor Oversight (“Vendor Governance”).  We will introduce you to RiskVision, an integrated risk management solution that empowers you to easily assess your current risk posture and determine which areas you need to improve in order to lower risk factors with current vendors and throughout the life cycle of your 3rd Party relationships.

  • Comprehensive Due Diligence and Screening
  • Risk Assessments
  • Flexible Contract Onboarding
  • Risk Oversight and Control
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Renewal / Termination Protocol
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René BarrazaPrincipal Consultant, with Accunet, a Red River Company
René has more than 34 years of expertise in Enterprise Risk & Compliance Management. René has provided expertise from a global list of Fortune 100 clients and brings a long history of success in Vendor Risk Management & 3rd Party Oversight, Compliance Management, Policy Management, Information Security, Threat Management, Performance Management, and Supply Chain Management.

Lorne JosephManaging Director with eGRC.COM
With more than 25 years of experience in risk, compliance, governance, and 19 years in information security and auditing, Lorne is a recognized expert on Vendor Risk Management, Enterprise Risk & Compliance Management, GRC, information security, technology audit and security controls.
Lorne has advised numerous Fortune listed entities on the establishment, implementation and optimization of their Vendor Risk Management strategies and Governance, Risk & Compliance programs.

Greg BernardSales Engineer with RiskVision
Greg has over 20 years of experience in Enterprise IT and Security, with over 10 years in governance, risk, compliance, vulnerability management and incident response. He has consulted with numerous organizations to enhance their information systems security and privacy controls within a wide variety of industries, applying a disciplined approach in accordance with “best practice” standards.
Providing technical expertise balanced with a risk-based approach, Greg seeks to align business goals of clients with their technical strategic initiatives; his work in security operations has resulted in a proven track record of success in identifying system control weaknesses, protecting information assets, and leading clients to successful organizational changes.

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