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Enterprise Class Incident / Issue Management

RiskVision’s risk-centric incident management goes far beyond traditional SOC-based tools, offering flexible risk scoring, a extra-prise multi-stakeholder workflow including 3rd parties such as legal firms, and a full audit trail for every action for every user. This approach is critical to effectively and efficiently manage both IT-centric incidents such as ransomware, APT, Malware, Customer Data PII and IP loss, as well as non-IT centric issues, including bribery, corruption, counter-party distress, fraud, geo-political events and money laundering. RiskVision enables response teams to assess risk and business impact of an incident in real time, so the appropriate mitigation plans can be executed quickly and thoroughly.

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 A Real-Time View of Incidents / Issues and Business Risk

The RiskVision Incident / Issue Manager solution provides an organization real-time situational awareness about its incidents and issues, including the impact to the business, risk exposure for the organization, and effect on compliance posture. RiskVision solution help to enforce process consistency in incident handling, risk-based prioritization and documentation across the enterprise for all types of incidents, including ransomware, security, privacy, fraud, disaster, human resource, environmental, and financial loss incidents. Incident Manager provides automation to ensure incidents are responded to promptly with the necessary due diligence to contain business impact and mitigation cost. For large organizations faced with high volume of incidents, RiskVision solution helps to ensure program scalability and ability to meet service level commitments by incident type and criticality.

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