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Native Integrations

Data Extracted:
Patch Status
Port Configurations
Service Status
Registry Entries
User Accounts
Access Policies
Roles & Entitlements
Threat Data Feeds
Compliance Test Results
Gaps & Findings

The increasing number of threat vectors have pushed organizations to utilize a large number of assets that track entities, scan for vulnerabilities, collect data, and more. RiskVision offers native integration with some of the leading vendors like QualysGuard, BMC Remedy, and Microsoft AD to form a robust foundation of data that can be mapped to business processes to assess risk and manage responses in real-time.

The RiskVision Difference

  • An extensive assortment of information can be pulled and shared with multiple assets providing organization-wide visibility
  • Open, scalable, and robust integration with the underlying IT system can be easily configured to meet user defined requirements and use case
  • File connectors provide an easy way to import assets and vulnerabilities in a wide variety of file formats

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