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A Modern Risk Intelligence Platform for IRMS and SOAR Requirements

The RiskVision Risk Intelligence Platform

RiskVision™ is an integrated, purpose-built risk intelligence platform that offers a flexible, modular approach to managing enterprise risk. RiskVision pre-packages concurrent Integrated Risk Management Solutions (IRMS) and Security Operations, Analytics, and Reporting (SOAR) use cases that integrate risk’s three lines of defense. RiskVision offers pre-integration with 70+ partner technologies and a fast growing library of 50+ content mapped sources. The RiskVision platform ensures consistent user experience, zero data redundancy, high data integrity, advanced cross-functional use case integrations and massive scalability.

Why RiskVision?

  • High Performance Data Model
    RiskVision’s expansive data model includes many-to-many object and grouping correlation, laying the foundation for the industry’s highest performance risk intelligence platform.
  • Multi-Purpose Platform
    RiskVision supports 7 risk intelligence applications via a single software instance, maximizing client use cases and ROI.
  • Automation Flexibility
    Drag and drop set up, configurable scripting, a library of re-usable workflow templates and self-service Bl re-use eliminate the need for programming and maximize automation across many dimensions.
  • Built to Scale
    RiskVision cost-effectively scales to 10s of millions to assets and objects, a critical measure for Vendor/Third Party Risk and Threat & Vulnerability Mitigation solutions.
  • Deep Ecosystem Integration
    RiskVision maintains 70+ connectors to a wide ecosystem of security and other infrastructure products and services. Integration of 50+ content packs further simplifies deployment.
  • Cloud or On-Premise Delivery
    RiskVision offers complete delivery flexibility, with both cloud and on-premise delivery options.

Experience the RiskVision Difference


The most widely used factor in selecting a risk intelligence solution today is the implementation experiences of the vendor’s existing customers. RiskVision’s design and engineering innovations deliver industry-best usability, scale, automation and time to deployment advantages – at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Just ask our customers. Additionally, a recent Blue Hill report analyzed 25 IRMS deployments in order to identify decisions and practices that helped organizations to minimize the time and cost required in implementation. Again RiskVision stood out.

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