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Consulting Services

RiskVision Consulting Services make your ‘On-Premise’ solution come to reality. Our team has the expertise to deploy RiskVision software, and is extended by network of over 20 Solution Providers across N.A. and EMEA.

RiskVision offers a comprehensive set of professional and implementation services to address all phases of an implementation. This includes requirements, design and approval of the proposed solution, solution development, user acceptance testing, and go-live deployment. Custom solution development includes the creation of content, reports, workflows, integrations and other requested templates. Our solution has an extensive content library and preset policies and controls based on industry best practices, helping accelerate your implementation process. Typically, a first use case is up and running in 60-90 days.

RiskVision believes customers want freedom of choice and self-sufficiency offered by second generation GRC Industry Solutions: the ability to access best of breed domain expertise and embed that in an automation system; leverage well-thought out connectivity between leading technology vendors; re-utilize content and frameworks without paying for auditor-ready mappings; and work with knowledgeable consultants who can deploy all of the above.